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18.09.2012, 04.46

This is a great costume for a miuedm-sized dog! I was disappointed when it arrived because it looks pretty cheap. It doesn't look quite like the photo; it's not as detailed and the cowboy tilts back more. (I posted photos so you can judge for yourself.) However, once we put it on Lulu and got her wound up and jumping around, we were in hysterics She looked like a little bucking bronco! We took her to a neighborhood Halloween party, and everyone loved it. You don't really notice that the costume is cheap when it's on the dog. Lulu is around fifty pounds and was comfortable wearing it. She usually wears a harness when we walk her, so she didn't think anything of having this light piece of rubber on her back. It adjusts easily with velcro straps and could fit most dogs. I think it would look even cuter on a smaller dog, because the cowboy would be more in proportion. My brother purchased a similar cowboy dog costume made of fabric and it didn't look nearly as cute: Cowboy bull rider X-L. It was less realistic, and the cowboy kept tipping over. Also, his dog was very squirmy in it and wanted to get the hat off. Part of the beauty of this rubber costume is its simplicity. By the way, I didn't purchase our costume through Amazon, so I can't vouch for this seller.

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